Facts & Stats

Facts & Stats

The latest data available from the American Association of Suicidology reports that there were 173 suicide deaths in South Dakota in 2015. This places South Dakota seventh in the U.S. for suicide deaths. Suicide is the second leading cause of death for youth and young adults in South Dakota. South Dakota Suicide Data from the South Dakota Department of Health lists the leading causes of death in South Dakota for the past five years. In 2015, suicide was listed as the 9th leading cause of death.

Access the full report from the Department of Health’s South Dakota Vital Statistics Report.

The YRBS (Youth Risk Behavior Survey) is a questionnaire that assesses priority health-risk behaviors among youth across the United States. A random sample of approximately 1,800 South Dakota students in grades 9-12 completes the survey every two years.  All public, private, and Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) schools in South Dakota containing any students in grades 9, 10, 11, or 12 are eligible to be selected to participate in the survey. This information can be used to determine risk level as well as assisting in the development of resources and planning successful interventions to positively impact the behavior of South Dakota youth.

The latest data available from the American Association of Suicidology reports 44,193 suicide deaths in the U.S. in 2015. Suicide remains the tenth leading cause of death overall in the U.S. and is the second leading cause of death for youth in the U.S.

South Dakota Department of Health released a report that describes South Dakota’s suicide status and historic suicide trends and compares the state to national rates. SD Suicide Surveillance January 2017

Fact Sheets Based on the Latest National Statistics (released 2014) 

African Americans and Suicide [PDF]

American Indian and Alaska Natives [PDF]

Caucasian Suicide [PDF]

Depression and Suicide [PDF]

Hispanic Suicide [PDF]

Suicide and the Elderly [PDF]

Suicide in the U.S. [PDF]

Surviving after Suicide [PDF]

Youth Suicidal Behavior [PDF]

LGBT Youth and Suicide [PDF]

The Risk Factors for Suicide [PDF]

These Fact Sheets were produced by the American Association of Suicidology and can be photocopied and distributed as long as they are unaltered and properly attributed.

National Suicide Statistics

The American Association of Suicidology makes available a summary of national suicide statistics as soon as they become available from the National Center for Health Statistics.

2015 Data 
Rates, Numbers, and Rankings of Each State

2015 Male/Female Statistics

2015 Age-Specific Statistics

2015 Regional Statistics

The updated South Dakota Strategy for Suicide Prevention, released in September 2013, was developed as a way of implementing the goals/objectives from the 2012 National Strategy for Suicide Prevention in South Dakota. This effort has laid the groundwork for suicide prevention efforts in South Dakota communities. The South Dakota Strategy for Suicide Prevention was designed as a catalyst and starting point for suicide prevention efforts in the state. An updated was released in September 2012 to reflect advancements in the field of suicide prevention over the past decade and the 2013 South Dakota Strategy for Suicide Prevention was updated to reflect progress made in South Dakota as well.