Order Suicide Prevention Materials

Order Suicide Prevention Materials

Thank you for your interest in suicide prevention materials! Please complete the following form to request campaign and other materials. If there are any questions a staff member will contact you.

Please note: Requests for materials outside of South Dakota cannot be fulfilled.

Please allow up to 2 weeks for processing time. 

  • Safe Storage

  • Gun locks can be utilized by inserting the cable through the magazine well and out the ejection port, lock the cable and remove the key.
    If access to a firearm can be restricted during a time of crisis, a life can be saved.

    For orders over 100+, please email your request to dssprevcont@state.sd.us
  • Order A Free Medication Lockbox

    Please visit https://www.avoidopioidsd.com/take-action/medication-lock-boxes/ to order a free medication lock box.
  • South Dakota Suicide Prevention

  • BeThe1SD.com

    Please visit http://BeThe1SD.com for examples of these materials.
  • Bethe1SD Bi-Fold Card

    Bethe1SD Be-Fold Card
  • American Indian Reach for Life

    Please visit https://sdsuicideprevention.org/specific-populations/american-indian/ for examples of these materials
  • If you are needing a large quantity of the American Indian Reach for Life materials, please consider ordering an American Indian Reach for Life toolkit below.
  • Reach for Life Referral Card
  • Reach for Life Flyer
  • American Indian Reach for Life Toolkit

    The American Indian Reach for Life Toolkit includes:
  • Specific Population Material: LGBTQ

    Please visit https://sdsuicideprevention.org/specific-populations/lgbtq/ for examples of these materials
  • Specific Population Material: Military/Veterans

    Please visit https://sdsuicideprevention.org/specific-populations/veterans/ for examples of these materials
  • Military