Safety Planning Intervention

Safety Planning Intervention

Safety Planning Intervention was developed by Barbara Stanley, Ph.D. and Gregory K. Brown, Ph.D.

The Safety Plan Intervention is a written, prioritized list of coping strategies and resources for reducing suicide risk. It is a prevention tool that is designed to help those who struggle with their suicidal thoughts and urges to survive.

A safety plan is designed for use in combination with a thorough suicide risk assessment and ongoing professional care for a person at risk of suicide.  Dr. Stanley and Dr. Brown worked with the Department of Veteran Affairs to create a safety plan for use with veterans at risk of suicide. Since the development, the Safety Planning Intervention has been used in many other settings.

The Safety Planning Guide – A Quick Guide for Clinicians provides a brief reference for clinicians who wish to use the Safety Plan developed by Stanley & Brown. Find the Safety Plan template here which is a fill-in-the-blank template for creating a safety plan with a person at risk.

MY3 App

With MY3, you define your network and your plan to stay safe. With MY3 you can be prepared to help yourself and reach out to others when you are having thoughts of suicide. MY3 is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play, free of charge.